How to resolve connection errors in the HP wireless printer?

You might encounter connectivity errors even after you have connected the computer and printer on the same network. The problem might be that the connection drop, the printer status is offline or you are not able to print or scan. The HP Printer Customer Support has presented many solutions, and one of them is to restart the computer, printer and the router as well. But, before that, you must ensure that you have set up your device on the wireless network.

Here is, how to restart the devices

  • You should save and close all running tabs before starting this process because it can delete all your unsaved data.
  • You have to Press the Power button form the router to turn it off.
  • You should remove the power cables from the router.
  • You are suggested to turn off the printer and disconnect all the USB and Ethernet Cables from it.
  • The Ethernet cables prevent the printer to connect on a wireless network
  • After turning off the printer, you have to shut down the computer as well
  • Wait for 60 seconds and insert the power cords again into the router.
  • Press the power button after this and wait for the activity light to flash.
  • Turn on the printer after the router displays the connected status
  • Finally, start the computer and connect it with the printer.

Restarting the devices is one of the many troubleshooting solutions for the network connection problems. You can try more solutions, in case, the aforementioned was not relevant.

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